Trattoria “Osvaldo”, established in the 1960’s on the premises of what was originally a wine shop, has a long tradition of excellent Tuscan cuisine thanks to the dedication of the Righi family who took over the activity, in particular to that of Sig. Rolando Righi, whose experience in the field spans half a century.

The restaurant, located at the base of the verdant hills leading up to Settignano, has an informal and relaxed atmosphere in which guests can enjoy genuine, old-fashioned Tuscan cooking.

The Trattoria is a favorite with professionals as well as a meeting-place for numerous celebrities, from sports stars to theater people to local artists, who often leave a memento of their affection for Sig.ra Rita in the form of a sketch dashed off on a tablecloth.

The effort to rigorously preserve the flavors and traditions of the past has been handed down from generation to generation, as exemplified by the family’s use of exclusively home-made pasta.

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